Tips and Tricks for Clash of Clans for Android

Clash of clans is a popular game because it is built to be simple enough for kids to play with minimum time requirements that leave you checking in on your village. It is fun and little addictive when you get friends together to join a clan and start wars as a group. There will be two things you need to know if you want to quickly climb the ranks and then you are the best among your friends.

Clash of clans tips and tricks:

  • Build as many resource collectors and storage units:

Clash of clans is a resource that is based strategy game and you need to establish many resource collectors as possible in order to get anywhere. Focus on resource collection to build an army and attacking other villages. You have to make sure you build the maximum number of gold and elixir collectors that allowed by your town hall.

  • Resources cycles:

Your gold and elixir are produced at a constant and predictable rate. To optimize the number of times that you are checking in on your clan, you have to take a look at the information tab for your resource generators. You will see the rate that each system produces gold or elixir and the total amount of resource each system can hold into their storage containers. If your resource collectors are all the same level then you can set alarms on your phone to check. This will ensure you to grow your village much faster.

  • Don’t let your opponent spawn inside your village:

If you have decided to build your wall then you need for expansion inside your village then you have probably noticed that the enemy will spawn inside your base. Fixing this is easy and moves the walls in the space behind the walls but it is important that any gap inside your village will leave an opening for your opponent to exploit. If there are no gaps in white space inside your base then your opponent will have to spawn from the outside to get to your village. It increases the distance the enemy soldier to travel in order to reach the base and leave the soldiers by your defense.

  • Don’t work against your shields:

Clash of clans will allow the users to purchase the shield time. The game throws up a shield for set amounts of time to aid in the recovery effort. Both kinds of the shield will decide to launch an attack on another player and wiped out by another player that you don’t want to do that. You have to pay attention to your shield time to adjust your village to defend better next time.

  • Gems are hidden all around your base:

It will not take long for you to outgrow whatever little patch of land you choose to settle in your map in a clash of clans. As an incentive, clearing your map will earn your village by both gems and experience so that you have cleared everything that you need to grow your village.

  • Play the single player missions:

When your shields are up then you can use your horde to attack villages in single player mode. You can also use the single player missions to unlock or coc hack 2017 that earn you small amounts of gems. You can replay the same missions over and over to try out new tactics.

The numbers of troops you can hold depend on the level your clan castle and make sure everyone in your clan requests troops as possible.