How to Run Fast in Super Mario Run?

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Super Mario Run:

Super Mario run is a really a wonderful game and it is going to release in the month of December 15, 2016. This upcoming game can be easily played with one hand. You can expect that this new adventure game will be a great entertainment for the video game lovers. This game will support for both android and iOS devices. The resources are playing a major role in most of the mobile video games. Likewise, the coins are playing a vital role in this awesome mobile game super Mario run. Getting an unlimited number of coins will help to get life in this game and also the players can easily unlock all levels of this game easily. For this reason, you need to generate unlimited coins without spending our real money.

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How to run fast in Super Mario Run?

Running is a difficult but cool trick in super Mario world with a lot of perks to the action. You want to avoid a certain enemy all the way to the finish line and this is something to do in the game. The cape feather that enables you to run is not accessible until you have finished the first castle at the level. You can find an empty stretch of flat land and you can run along it using the right arrow and the Y button until Mario swings his arms open.

You can press the B button to jump and continue holding down the Y button. Press the arrow button of the opposite direction you are heading in. If you are heading to the right then use the left arrow. If you are heading to the left then use the right arrow. You have to tap it every second while continuing to hold down the Y button.

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