How to Create an Online Car Game

Online gaming is becoming ever more popular everyday and offers an alluring and budget-friendly alternative to gamers over traditional, expensive gaming systems. Thanks to modern technology, numerous games are offered online completely free to play at your own convenience. One popular type of game is the build your own car online game, which allows gamers to design their own dream cars. Games such as these are particularly popular among children who love racecars. Playing an online car creation game is relatively simple and self-explanatory.
Things You’ll Need

Online car building game

Step 1

Go to a website that offers an online car building game, such as “Most Plays” that offers “Make-a-Car” (See References).

Step 2

Click on “Play” to begin the game, and then scroll through the available cars to select a car to build upon.

Step 3

Select a paint color for your car by clicking on “Paint,” and adjust the height of your car by clicking on “Height.”

Step 4

Click on “Store” to purchase tire rims, neon colors, hoods, tints and more for your car; each time you play you are automatically granted $100,000 with which to build your car.

Step 5

Right click on your finished car, and then click “Print” to print a copy of it if you wish.


All makes and models of cars are not available on all car building gaming websites.


Instructions may vary slightly depending upon which online car building game you choose to play, but the general process is the same.