Driving Speed Pro: Basic Fun for Casual Gamers

Driving Speed Pro is a small racing game with big fun available for Windows. Unlike many popular racing games, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out how to play this game and play is fast and easy. Remarkable options for a game in its price range make this attractive for casual gamers.

• Customizable game controls

• Multi-player options

• Easy minimum system requirements to run


• Sluggish steering response

• Elementary graphics

• Basic racing

Full Review

Driving Speed Pro by WheelSpin Studios offers a lot of features normally found in more expensive games like race replays and racing careers. You can choose from a variety of cars, tracks, and series options. Basic control of game play is done either through the keyboard, but you can get more control options by using a game controller. Cars can be tuned to give you custom handling specifications.

Game play can be done using the “Quick Race” option, or as part of a racing career, so you can decide how much time you want to devote to the game. This game also supports multiple players, allowing up to eight participants on the local computer, LAN, or Internet to race against each other.

Graphics are not extremely detailed in Driving Speed Pro, but they are above average in realism for this class of game. If you are looking for a good racing game that doesn’t require a lot of computer hardware, Driving Speed Pro is the perfect choice. No extraordinary graphics adapters are required, meaning that this game will run on almost any computer. You’re not going to see much from the camera’s two overhead and in-car views, so it’s a little hard to get comfortable in the racing environment, but there is a radar screen on the left side that helps compensate by tracking the location of all the cars on the track.

The racing career includes series racing that keeps running performance stats. You have an incentive to do well because credits are required to buy, repair, and upgrade cars. The better you do, the more credits you earn, meaning that you will have a better career over time. When racing in a series, you can define difficulty levels, a handy feature if you’re a beginner or if you need more of a challenge.

An online top 3,000 scores page is maintained by the vendor, giving racers the chance to compare their stats with others who also play the game. The online stats identify usernames, game versions, cars, and tracks used to achieve the greatest performances.

For $12.95, Driving Speed Pro is a good racing game for the money and is particularly attractive to people who want quality amusement without spending a lot on hardware to support it.