Rappelz Epic VI: Solus Aurum Review

Rappelz Epic VI – Solus Aurum reviewSo far i have not seen an in depth Rappelz Epic VI review, so i thought i would contribute and write one myself.
Rappelz has not had its fair share of reviews recently, mainly being the reviews that are available are during the time of Epic I-III, and lots of new content and updates have been implemented since the time of those releases.

Ok, time to get started on the Review

Visual Presentation – 8

When i first started to play Rappelz back when it was in its Epic 3 release i was pulled in by its amazing graphics, and i have to say that when i actually played the game for myself i was more than impressed, the characters, environments, monsters and equipment all look fantastic, i could not find many flaws in the design of the games visual appearance, after all i did not pay for it so my expectations weren’t the greatest, but my expectations of Free-To-Play graphics have been lifted after seeing Rappelz.

Gameplay Mechanics – 7.5

The gameplay in Rappelz is much of what i have seen before, you quest, you level up, you purchase new equipment and upgrade it, but somehow Rappelz makes it seem like it’s not so familiar, usually i would find myself bored after constantly killing the same type of monster, but Rappelz somehow takes away my boredom and converts it into enjoyment.

The movement in the game is the classic point and click which is fine in my opinion, i remember reading a review which described it as unresponsive, and it takes quite a long time for the game to realize that you have clicked in a different area, but in my experience this is not the case, i found it to be quite responsive and have never had trouble with movement.

The combat in the game is also the classic Double-Click the monster and watch, but as with most other areas of the game it just isn’t boring like you would imagine, the beautiful graphics mixed with the smooth animations of your character make it enjoyable.

PVP System – 7

I have seen many people complaining about the PVP system in Rappelz, but honestly i see no issue with it.
It is quite enjoyable, standing outside Horizon has given me countless hours of enjoyment over the years.
There are Dungeon Sieges which are one of the most amazing things in the game which i have yet to read about in a review of this game, which is surprising seeing as it is probably one of the greatest things that happened to this game.

The PVP seems balanced also, in a sense that you don’t feel so utterly useless in some times, you always feel right, i can’t really explain what i am trying to say in this sentence but to me it makes sense.

Pet System – 10

This is where Rappelz truly shines, underneath the pretty coat of visuals and character models, the pet system is the part that gets to you, never before have i seen a system so deeply thought and implemented, in the Rappelz Epic VI update there are now even more pets to choose from, Gpotato adding the Wolf, Octopus and the Naga, each with its own set of unique abilities, much like other pets throughout the game they all have they’re own set of skills and stats, Different Tiers being higher stats and more powerful skills.

Whether you have a fluffy Yeti or the Fearsome Orc, you will always see that the Pet system in Rappelz has been thought through thoroughly, because it just seems to be so complete, to me it puts forward as probably the only 100% Complete part of the Rappelz game, every other section could still have something new in it, but the Pet area seems to be so polished.

Each pet looks fabulous, i have yet to see the elusive White Dragon pet but i can imagine it looks just as amazing as the other 21 pets throughout the Rappelz world.

Guild System – 6.5

I am in a guild, and i do enjoy it, the time attacks are always a blast.
But to me something does seem incomplete, don’t get me wrong, i love the guilds in Rappelz, they are great, but something leads me to believe they weren’t quite as thought through as the Pet system.
You can almost always find a guild to join, no matter your level, as people are constantly advertising for recruitment, this makes you have a sense of welcome which is always a good thing, with the added bonus of a cool name and logo sitting above your head.

Guild members are also a way of getting through the game so to speak.
If you are new to the game and you join a friendly guild, they will more than likely be happy to help you out, by offering advice, money, or spare equipment ( that is my experience anyway )
this also contributes to the already friendly community that is in the game.

Dungeon System – 8

Dungeons are also a major part of Rappelz gameplay, the minute you log-in to Rappelz, you will constantly see in the chat box “Lvl 51 healer LFDP” or something along the lines of that.
Monsters in dungeons are considerably more difficult to the monsters in the field, but they yield greater rewards such as better drops, experience and job points.
You usually will not have trouble finding a dungeon party to go hunting with, and if you cannot you can create one and you won’t have trouble finding players to join you.
The dungeons atmosphere is what it should be, they look great and the monsters tie in with the environments.

Community – 8

In my experience with Rappelz i have found that the majority of the player base of the game are extremely friendly and helpful, there have been a couple of “odd ones out”, but I’m glad that i haven’t seen them since, if you are new and you need help don’t be afraid to ask, chances are that someone will help you out.

Quick Overview

Visual Presentation – 8
Gameplay Mechanics – 7.5
PVP system – 7
Pet system – 10
Guild System – 6.5
Dungeon System – 8
Community – 8

Overall Mark – 7.8 (Average)

Recommended – Yes, Definitely

Thanks for reading

(if you see this review on this website http://rappelzvireview.blogspot.com/2010/01/rappelz-epic-vi-solus-aurum-review.html That review was also written by me ( kahunamaha is my ingame name ) so it is not stolen from that website just so you know )

The Best Classic RPGs for Your SNES Console

The days of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES were key formative years of my youth. I spent hours playing Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, and dozens more classic platform games. However, it was the RPGs, those role playing classics like Final Fantasy and A Link to the Past that had the most effect on me. I spent days beating Zelda two and three times, so enamored with the game as a whole that I couldn’t wait to play through it one more time when I was finished.
There were dozens of games just like that, that caught my attention and forced me to feel something special through my television. It may be the big and powerful consoles these days vying for the best and most impressive graphics around, but it’s those epic RPGs of the 1990s with storylines of gold, and characters that I’ll never forget that truly impressed upon me the gaming mentality I still carry with me today. And these are the best of those many many games.

Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy VI, released in the US as Final Fantasy III is one of those games that not only defines for a generation what an RPG is, but managed to help the SNES go out on one heck of a high note. The game was a dozen steps forward in nearly every facet of RPG gaming, from the graphics, to the epic story line and a cast of characters that few would ever forget. The villain, Kefka is one of the dirtiest, rottenest bad guys to ever set foot in a video game and until the next Final Fantasy was released no one argued that this Final Fantasy was the greatest of them all (which, by the way, many will still say if you ask them.)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Link’s first and only 16 bit outing is a legendary quest that jumped light years beyond what we’d seen in the previous two NES Zelda games. Going back to the overhead map style game of first game, A Link to the Past was an epic quest in a giant Hyrule to rescue the princess and save the realm once more from Ganon. This time around, instead of a sneaky second run through the game, you found yourself going to the dark realm and back, alternating worlds and changing events as best you can. The end result was one of the best action RPGs around, that is until the next Zelda game hit the N64 and became the greatest game ever made.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Some have commented on how odd the pairing of Disney and Squaresoft was in Kingdom Hearts, but Square had a history of odd couplings well before they took to the House of Mouse. This late life SNES RPG was a collaboration between Nintendo and Squaresoft, creating a massive, brilliant RPG featuring everyone’s favorite plumber. It’s still the only decent Mario RPG made (That Paper Mario for the Gamecube was something different entirely) and it told a pretty decent story in the process, not something that Mario and friends were known for. Unfortunately it’s never been reprinted or rereleased, likely due to strained relations between Squaresoft and Nintendo, but we’re all hoping for a revival on the Wii’s virtual console now that Square Enix has agreed to release a few of their games.

Chronotrigger, released in 1995 by Squaresoft was one of those games that arrives at the last possible second for a console, after a new machine has already been announced and new games are sparse, and doesn’t get the longevity that it deserves, becoming instead a rare masterpiece that only the greatest of RPG gamers still own. Chronotrigger was an amazing game. It was one of the best looking SNES games ever made, and featured an amazing story complete with many characters, time travel, and the much vaunted New Game+ mode that allowed you to play through the game again with all the stuff you earned the first time (this time to get everything you missed). With infinite replay value, a perfect storyline, and amazing Akira Toriyama inspired visuals, this game is definitely one of the best.