Motorola Atrix Fulfills Every Communication Need

The presence of high-end smart phones in today’s market has been extremely competition rich and this could be due to the huge number of smartphones that are arriving to the segment every single day. However, not every smart phone that is being launched every day are the same. This is something that is denoted after the launch of the Motorola ATRIX, which is a smartphone that will be capable of blitzing the competition on its own due to the presence of a lot of features. One of the most important feature is amongst the huge number of options that are available in the Motorola ATRIX has to be the dual core processor that is used in the phone. The Motorola ATRIX contracts out an enjoyable range of entertainment features.

The Motorola ATRIX his definitely not the first phone to be using the dual core processor, but it is definitely the best phone that it is being employed in. The Motorola ATRIX will be having a number of features that were making full use of the dual core processor and it is for this reason that the Motorola ATRIX has been extensively reviewed by many people. It is easily the best phone of 2011 and it does not take long to realise that can be partly down to the 4 inch display. This touch screen display will be capable of supporting a high resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. This is a resolution that will be taking the Motorola ATRIX closer to the levels of the retina display technology that is used in the Apple iPhone 4. This is the level of performance that has been achieved in the Motorola ATRIX and it is something that will be making everybody think twice about going head-to-head with this phone.

The Motorola ATRIX will be coming with a fingerprint reader and a gorilla glass display to protect the phone and also the screen display. The finger print reader will be enhancing the security of the phone, while the gorilla glass display will be preventing the occurrence of scratches on the surface of the screen. Given the large size screen, it is bound to happen, but the gorilla glass display successfully prevents this from happening. The Motorola ATRIX will be having an internal memory of 16 GB, which is going to be used alongside external memory card slots. These slots can accept in a maximum of 32 GB by the way of external memory cards, which is extremely good value for money. You will not be paying for memory that will be coming with the phone and one that will not be used by you much. However, if you want the memory, you can always opt for this option, which will help save money for those who do not need it.

The Motorola ATRIX will be coming with a five megapixel camera that is currently having additional features when compared with the other phones in the segment. They will be including the likes of the image stabilisation and LED flash for a phone that is priced at £ 470 in the UK. You may also wish to explore more about Motorola Milestone 2 deals for other available deals.

Rappelz Epic VI: Solus Aurum Review

Rappelz Epic VI – Solus Aurum reviewSo far i have not seen an in depth Rappelz Epic VI review, so i thought i would contribute and write one myself.
Rappelz has not had its fair share of reviews recently, mainly being the reviews that are available are during the time of Epic I-III, and lots of new content and updates have been implemented since the time of those releases.

Ok, time to get started on the Review

Visual Presentation – 8

When i first started to play Rappelz back when it was in its Epic 3 release i was pulled in by its amazing graphics, and i have to say that when i actually played the game for myself i was more than impressed, the characters, environments, monsters and equipment all look fantastic, i could not find many flaws in the design of the games visual appearance, after all i did not pay for it so my expectations weren’t the greatest, but my expectations of Free-To-Play graphics have been lifted after seeing Rappelz.

Gameplay Mechanics – 7.5

The gameplay in Rappelz is much of what i have seen before, you quest, you level up, you purchase new equipment and upgrade it, but somehow Rappelz makes it seem like it’s not so familiar, usually i would find myself bored after constantly killing the same type of monster, but Rappelz somehow takes away my boredom and converts it into enjoyment.

The movement in the game is the classic point and click which is fine in my opinion, i remember reading a review which described it as unresponsive, and it takes quite a long time for the game to realize that you have clicked in a different area, but in my experience this is not the case, i found it to be quite responsive and have never had trouble with movement.

The combat in the game is also the classic Double-Click the monster and watch, but as with most other areas of the game it just isn’t boring like you would imagine, the beautiful graphics mixed with the smooth animations of your character make it enjoyable.

PVP System – 7

I have seen many people complaining about the PVP system in Rappelz, but honestly i see no issue with it.
It is quite enjoyable, standing outside Horizon has given me countless hours of enjoyment over the years.
There are Dungeon Sieges which are one of the most amazing things in the game which i have yet to read about in a review of this game, which is surprising seeing as it is probably one of the greatest things that happened to this game.

The PVP seems balanced also, in a sense that you don’t feel so utterly useless in some times, you always feel right, i can’t really explain what i am trying to say in this sentence but to me it makes sense.

Pet System – 10

This is where Rappelz truly shines, underneath the pretty coat of visuals and character models, the pet system is the part that gets to you, never before have i seen a system so deeply thought and implemented, in the Rappelz Epic VI update there are now even more pets to choose from, Gpotato adding the Wolf, Octopus and the Naga, each with its own set of unique abilities, much like other pets throughout the game they all have they’re own set of skills and stats, Different Tiers being higher stats and more powerful skills.

Whether you have a fluffy Yeti or the Fearsome Orc, you will always see that the Pet system in Rappelz has been thought through thoroughly, because it just seems to be so complete, to me it puts forward as probably the only 100% Complete part of the Rappelz game, every other section could still have something new in it, but the Pet area seems to be so polished.

Each pet looks fabulous, i have yet to see the elusive White Dragon pet but i can imagine it looks just as amazing as the other 21 pets throughout the Rappelz world.

Guild System – 6.5

I am in a guild, and i do enjoy it, the time attacks are always a blast.
But to me something does seem incomplete, don’t get me wrong, i love the guilds in Rappelz, they are great, but something leads me to believe they weren’t quite as thought through as the Pet system.
You can almost always find a guild to join, no matter your level, as people are constantly advertising for recruitment, this makes you have a sense of welcome which is always a good thing, with the added bonus of a cool name and logo sitting above your head.

Guild members are also a way of getting through the game so to speak.
If you are new to the game and you join a friendly guild, they will more than likely be happy to help you out, by offering advice, money, or spare equipment ( that is my experience anyway )
this also contributes to the already friendly community that is in the game.

Dungeon System – 8

Dungeons are also a major part of Rappelz gameplay, the minute you log-in to Rappelz, you will constantly see in the chat box “Lvl 51 healer LFDP” or something along the lines of that.
Monsters in dungeons are considerably more difficult to the monsters in the field, but they yield greater rewards such as better drops, experience and job points.
You usually will not have trouble finding a dungeon party to go hunting with, and if you cannot you can create one and you won’t have trouble finding players to join you.
The dungeons atmosphere is what it should be, they look great and the monsters tie in with the environments.

Community – 8

In my experience with Rappelz i have found that the majority of the player base of the game are extremely friendly and helpful, there have been a couple of “odd ones out”, but I’m glad that i haven’t seen them since, if you are new and you need help don’t be afraid to ask, chances are that someone will help you out.

Quick Overview

Visual Presentation – 8
Gameplay Mechanics – 7.5
PVP system – 7
Pet system – 10
Guild System – 6.5
Dungeon System – 8
Community – 8

Overall Mark – 7.8 (Average)

Recommended – Yes, Definitely

Thanks for reading

(if you see this review on this website That review was also written by me ( kahunamaha is my ingame name ) so it is not stolen from that website just so you know )

Driving Speed Pro: Basic Fun for Casual Gamers

Driving Speed Pro is a small racing game with big fun available for Windows. Unlike many popular racing games, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out how to play this game and play is fast and easy. Remarkable options for a game in its price range make this attractive for casual gamers.

• Customizable game controls

• Multi-player options

• Easy minimum system requirements to run


• Sluggish steering response

• Elementary graphics

• Basic racing

Full Review

Driving Speed Pro by WheelSpin Studios offers a lot of features normally found in more expensive games like race replays and racing careers. You can choose from a variety of cars, tracks, and series options. Basic control of game play is done either through the keyboard, but you can get more control options by using a game controller. Cars can be tuned to give you custom handling specifications.

Game play can be done using the “Quick Race” option, or as part of a racing career, so you can decide how much time you want to devote to the game. This game also supports multiple players, allowing up to eight participants on the local computer, LAN, or Internet to race against each other.

Graphics are not extremely detailed in Driving Speed Pro, but they are above average in realism for this class of game. If you are looking for a good racing game that doesn’t require a lot of computer hardware, Driving Speed Pro is the perfect choice. No extraordinary graphics adapters are required, meaning that this game will run on almost any computer. You’re not going to see much from the camera’s two overhead and in-car views, so it’s a little hard to get comfortable in the racing environment, but there is a radar screen on the left side that helps compensate by tracking the location of all the cars on the track.

The racing career includes series racing that keeps running performance stats. You have an incentive to do well because credits are required to buy, repair, and upgrade cars. The better you do, the more credits you earn, meaning that you will have a better career over time. When racing in a series, you can define difficulty levels, a handy feature if you’re a beginner or if you need more of a challenge.

An online top 3,000 scores page is maintained by the vendor, giving racers the chance to compare their stats with others who also play the game. The online stats identify usernames, game versions, cars, and tracks used to achieve the greatest performances.

For $12.95, Driving Speed Pro is a good racing game for the money and is particularly attractive to people who want quality amusement without spending a lot on hardware to support it.

How to Create an Online Car Game

Online gaming is becoming ever more popular everyday and offers an alluring and budget-friendly alternative to gamers over traditional, expensive gaming systems. Thanks to modern technology, numerous games are offered online completely free to play at your own convenience. One popular type of game is the build your own car online game, which allows gamers to design their own dream cars. Games such as these are particularly popular among children who love racecars. Playing an online car creation game is relatively simple and self-explanatory.
Things You’ll Need

Online car building game

Step 1

Go to a website that offers an online car building game, such as “Most Plays” that offers “Make-a-Car” (See References).

Step 2

Click on “Play” to begin the game, and then scroll through the available cars to select a car to build upon.

Step 3

Select a paint color for your car by clicking on “Paint,” and adjust the height of your car by clicking on “Height.”

Step 4

Click on “Store” to purchase tire rims, neon colors, hoods, tints and more for your car; each time you play you are automatically granted $100,000 with which to build your car.

Step 5

Right click on your finished car, and then click “Print” to print a copy of it if you wish.


All makes and models of cars are not available on all car building gaming websites.


Instructions may vary slightly depending upon which online car building game you choose to play, but the general process is the same.

Tips and Tricks for Clash of Clans for Android

Clash of clans is a popular game because it is built to be simple enough for kids to play with minimum time requirements that leave you checking in on your village. It is fun and little addictive when you get friends together to join a clan and start wars as a group. There will be two things you need to know if you want to quickly climb the ranks and then you are the best among your friends.

Clash of clans tips and tricks:

  • Build as many resource collectors and storage units:

Clash of clans is a resource that is based strategy game and you need to establish many resource collectors as possible in order to get anywhere. Focus on resource collection to build an army and attacking other villages. You have to make sure you build the maximum number of gold and elixir collectors that allowed by your town hall.

  • Resources cycles:

Your gold and elixir are produced at a constant and predictable rate. To optimize the number of times that you are checking in on your clan, you have to take a look at the information tab for your resource generators. You will see the rate that each system produces gold or elixir and the total amount of resource each system can hold into their storage containers. If your resource collectors are all the same level then you can set alarms on your phone to check. This will ensure you to grow your village much faster.

  • Don’t let your opponent spawn inside your village:

If you have decided to build your wall then you need for expansion inside your village then you have probably noticed that the enemy will spawn inside your base. Fixing this is easy and moves the walls in the space behind the walls but it is important that any gap inside your village will leave an opening for your opponent to exploit. If there are no gaps in white space inside your base then your opponent will have to spawn from the outside to get to your village. It increases the distance the enemy soldier to travel in order to reach the base and leave the soldiers by your defense.

  • Don’t work against your shields:

Clash of clans will allow the users to purchase the shield time. The game throws up a shield for set amounts of time to aid in the recovery effort. Both kinds of the shield will decide to launch an attack on another player and wiped out by another player that you don’t want to do that. You have to pay attention to your shield time to adjust your village to defend better next time.

  • Gems are hidden all around your base:

It will not take long for you to outgrow whatever little patch of land you choose to settle in your map in a clash of clans. As an incentive, clearing your map will earn your village by both gems and experience so that you have cleared everything that you need to grow your village.

  • Play the single player missions:

When your shields are up then you can use your horde to attack villages in single player mode. You can also use the single player missions to unlock or coc hack 2017 that earn you small amounts of gems. You can replay the same missions over and over to try out new tactics.

The numbers of troops you can hold depend on the level your clan castle and make sure everyone in your clan requests troops as possible.

Bullet Force: Becoming a Pro

Actually bullet force is incorporating with the free spectator mode and players are having ability to disable the HUD which is offering the effective gameplay. In fact this game is developed by the Lucas Wilde and it is the trademark developer. If you are looking to play this game then it is required the stable internet connection. In case you are willing to win a game then player must use some unique techniques. You must know about your opponent weakness that is sufficient to defeat your opponent. In a modern world many of the people are showing interest to play this game because it is consisting of the excellent gameplay. If you are interested to win this game then it is the time to choose the best bullet force hack tool. This kind of the hack tool is available in online with free of cost.

Getting unlimited amounts of resource with the help of hack tool

In a present world many of the people are suffering a lot while playing the bullet force game because it is having quiet difficult gameplay. In case you are having more numbers of the resources then player can easily win a game. However resources are available in this game less amount only. If you are selecting the best bullet force hack tool from then people might get the plenty of benefits. In fact the battle is involved at the more than 20 players and it is having different levels of game. Each level is having limited amount of time and within a time you must complete the task or else you can’t able to win the game. Now a day most of the top players are using this tool because it is providing the unlimited amounts of the resource. If you are using this tool then people can easily win a game because it is scripting with the excellent technology. It is offering the infinite amount of resources and this kind of the hack tool is working for all mobile platforms like android and iOS device. It is supporting all game modes and players can update their resources whenever they want. In a technology world plenty of websites are offering this tool at their site but there is zero possibility that all tools are working properly. Some of the tools are not producing proper result because it might contain spyware and malware. There are two ways are there for using this tool like either people can download this game or you can use the web based hack tool. If you are using the web based tool then players no need to download anything in online. Once you are choosing the best tool then people might obtain more numbers of the advantages.

What are the characteristics available in the bullet force hack tool?

In fact bullet force is the 3D type of the game and many of the children are willing to play this game because of its gameplay and sound quality. If you are choosing the best hack tool then people might get the below advantages

  • People can access this tool at 24/7
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Choosing the best tool is crucial and you are not choosing the perfect tool then it is affecting your device. Most of the hack tools are scripting with the straightforward technology so that totally safe to use. It is coming with the free of cost so that anyone can also use this tool because it is offered the instant resource.

Dragon City is a Cool Game – Let’s play it

Today, a lot of mobile game players would often like to play the Dragon City game on their Android and iOS platforms to enjoy better entertainment. In the initial stage of this game play, all the players will get the cute dragon babies and you are highly responsible to evolve them by feeding in the proper intervals. In order to buy the foods for your dragons, all the players should need unlimited numbers of gold and gems resources on your gaming account. Even though there are several tricks available to earn such resources, everyone is suggested using only the Dragon City Hack – Get Free Gems & Gold for getting instant amounts of gems, gold and foods for your successful game play.

Dragon city as a cool game:

Dragon city is definitely a cool game with the lots of challenging tournaments and leagues. Each and every player should need to involve yourself in the battles of the tournaments by creating the strong team of dragons. Don’t include the baby dragon in your troop because the battle might be more challenging.

The powers of the little dragons will not be enough to fight against the dragon masters of the opponent teams. This is why it is too important to get unlimited amounts of resources to properly and frequently feed your dragons to make their stronger enough to fight with the opponents. Some other resources like gems and gold are really very helpful to unlock the most advanced weapons and other features to improve your overall gaming experience.

Utilizing dragon city hack:

  • With the help of the hack tool for your dragon city game play, it is really the known fact that the players can easily and quickly win your game by beating the dragon masters n the opponent team.
  • The unlimited foods, gems and gold earned from the dragon city hack will give you amazing benefits of beating the higher competition levels in the secured manner.
  • If the players are new to use the hack, you must be very careful in checking the license and authenticity of your tool.
  • At the same time, you have to consider the dragon city game hack tool with the anti-ban property. By this way, your dragon city game would be safer enough from the unnecessary banning by the game developer.
  • Without necessary to download, everyone can make use of the hack tool just on your web browser for the successful game play.

How to Run Fast in Super Mario Run?

Nowadays playing mobile video games are the best entertainment for all people. You will know that there are plenty of awesome mobile video games are out there in this world. When comparing to all those mobile games, you will feel something special while playing the super Mario series. To delight the super Mario fans, the Nintendo is going release its next series called super Mario run. If you want to get unlimited coins then the Super Mario Run Cheats are also essential to play this game.

Super Mario Run:

Super Mario run is a really a wonderful game and it is going to release in the month of December 15, 2016. This upcoming game can be easily played with one hand. You can expect that this new adventure game will be a great entertainment for the video game lovers. This game will support for both android and iOS devices. The resources are playing a major role in most of the mobile video games. Likewise, the coins are playing a vital role in this awesome mobile game super Mario run. Getting an unlimited number of coins will help to get life in this game and also the players can easily unlock all levels of this game easily. For this reason, you need to generate unlimited coins without spending our real money.

The players can easily generate an unlimited number of coins with the help of coin generator. Once upon a time, you cannot easily generate an unlimited number of resources without spending your real money. But, now the situation was changed. The players of super Mario run can easily generate unlimited coins for free.


How to run fast in Super Mario Run?

Running is a difficult but cool trick in super Mario world with a lot of perks to the action. You want to avoid a certain enemy all the way to the finish line and this is something to do in the game. The cape feather that enables you to run is not accessible until you have finished the first castle at the level. You can find an empty stretch of flat land and you can run along it using the right arrow and the Y button until Mario swings his arms open.

You can press the B button to jump and continue holding down the Y button. Press the arrow button of the opposite direction you are heading in. If you are heading to the right then use the left arrow. If you are heading to the left then use the right arrow. You have to tap it every second while continuing to hold down the Y button.

Super Mario run hack is really a wonderful hack tool and it is also easy to use this tool. If you like to generate an unlimited number of coins, then it is best to use this wonderful hack tool. Generate unlimited coins to play this game with more pleasure.


About pewdiepie’s tuber simulator online hack tool


The Pewdiepie tuber simulator is becoming one of the biggest and most recommended hacking tools on the internet. It is specially made for android devices and get you enjoy this game more efficiently. On this game, you need to fix some time period in order to shoot a video and get some resources. These are all quite expensive to buy and also easy to accelerate the time in your game by yourself. The Pewdiepie tuber simulator hack is an easy working online tool that helps you generate countless resources such as items, bux or brain. Now, this tool is widely available on the app store, so you can easily download it on your android devices.

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New version of pewdiepie’s tuber simulator apk for android

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  • Now, generate the certain amount of resources and added to your game account
  • Finally, restart a game on your own device.
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  • For more queries, you can leave a message to the support team and get instant reply.

Latest features of Pewdiepie tuber simulator game

In today’s gaming industry, one of the most famous online generator tools is Pewdiepie tuber simulator hack right now. This tool has been used by plenty of players in the worldwide. By using this hack tool, you are able to generate more resources and also enjoy the following exciting features include:

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Simcity : The Cities of Tomorrow

Are you fed up because you don’t have enough Simoleons to proceed further in your game? Are you worried as you have to wait long hours for getting few simoleons? Are you afraid that you have to pay money for getting simoleons without waiting? Then here is the best article which you should read to get to know the perfect SimCity BuildIt Hack and cheats.

The Game – SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is an awesome game that was designed by EA. In this game, you become mayor of a city and you can build and develop your own unique city and you can help your citizens to grow up and prosper. You can help your citizens in solving their various day to day problems including power issues. You can also help them by controlling the natural disasters and by protecting them from those disasters. This is the short description about SimCity BuildIt and you would really enjoy playing it.

SimCity BuildIt Features

In SimCity buildIt, you can become the mayor of your own city and lead your citizens by helping them to solve their problems. You can also manufacture some goods and sell them to your friends or you can even send them to other countries. The most important reason for the tremendous success of SimCity BuildIt game in the market is the excellent graphics and zooming facility provided with it. You can feel free to zoom or pinch the screen depending upon your necessity. You can also help your citizens by solving their day to day needs including their entertainment requirements. You can also solve some daily challenges and make your city a specialized one. In the recent version 1.15.11 of SimCity BuildIt, all the Mayors (players) are provided with an excellent opportunity to participate in the Mayors’ Competition and win a number of exciting prizes. You can also include some natural sceneries like rivers, forests, and lakes in your city.

Features of SimCity BuildIt Hack

  • You can add numerous simcity free simoleons
  • You can add infinite Simcash
  • You can add unlimited Gold Keys
  • You can also increase your XP level

For your biggest surprise, this SimCity BuildIt Hack not only works fine for Android OS but it also works well for apple iOS! For using this SimCity BuidIt Hack, there is no need of root or jailbreak. Above all, it is cent percent safe to use and no one can detect you.

The Anti-Ban System

Now, the most probable doubt in your mind would be related to the security of using this SimCity BuildIt Hack. You would definitely doubt whether your account would be banned by the owners of SimCity BuildIt. But, you need not worry about this issue as our experts have made an awesome Anti-Ban system that would help you in protecting your account and prevent your account from being blocked or banned.

So, what next? Come on! Hurry up and use our SimCity BuildIt Hack and earn enormous amounts of Simoleons, Simcash, and keys! Enjoy playing endless SimCity BuildIt!